Call of Duty 1.5

Currently Tracking 33 Servers.

RRMS Snipers Only
 Blue Monkey Awe
VCod - Paintball
BigBang VooDoo
Reign of the Undead
Eilur's Server1
VCoD Freeze Tag
BM | Competitive AWE
Grimms Death Match
Linux GSM
VCoD Jump Server
Paul's Rifles | One Shot
RRMS Death Match
Vix's 24/7 Harbor S&D
Eilur's Server2
United D-Day Platoon
Pro Servers Difuzed
SLPO Server
VCoD Dodgeball
Fortress of Insanity
Vcod - Hide and Seek
Potato Server
DR CoD Eins
VCoD 1 Shot 1 Kill
Szondikapitany - Szervere
RRMS Spin Snipers
BigBang Awe Death Match
VCoD Gun Game
UCW | COD 1.5 Public
Rowdy Goblin COD Server
KoD | Harbor Rifle only DM

 Server Tracker

Currently tracking the status of 33 Call of Duty 1.5 servers. This list does not include password protected servers or servers not compatible with the *RRMS* Server Tracker. Some servers will not respond right away, so you may need to manually refresh it after it prompts you to do so. 

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